Day 15 – Feldenkrais with Josipa

Another fabulous day … can you believe it … we have had three days in a row now where Owen has just been AAMMAAZZINGGGG!

We don’t even know how to describe it…

He was sitting so well, rocking, playing and laughing.

He was standing so well that after only two times we needed to do the froggie position his heels were down and beautiful!

His stepping was great also, he was mixing it up from what he had shown over the last two days, sometimes he was happy to be standing with his feet offset and then sometimes getting a little excited and wanting to jump.

Today Aunty Bec was there with us again – she is great motivation for Owen and I asked her to come along as we wanted another fabulous session! It’s quite tiring entertaining Owen…who would have though that making weird sounds like farting, blowing bubbles, and any crazy tick tock weird percussion like sound could be so exhausting. As Owen is visually impaired he is really motivated by sound! We haven’t yet shared a video of Owen stepping as we all sound like we are a little crazy with all the silly sounds we make but today we managed to get him doing some good stepping with just music. Usually it takes a lot of us talking and getting him through it but he did pretty well in this clip just with the music! He really tried so hard – the song is quite fitting – “NOT GIVING IN – Rudimental”

He also did some wonderful sitting also … even on the floor which he finds harder than on his bench! A month ago we would have been excited if Owen sat on the floor for 10seconds but we have seen that this video goes for 2min 30sec and he was even sitting for a bit before the videoing started! Owen is more likely to stay in a position if he has rhythm during the task – hence our clapping! He was even moving his arms, and resting his hands on his knees! So So Amazing!!!

Quote of the day from Josipa “I have no words…don’t even know what to say”

Owen has done so well over the last few days and all his time with Josipa but the last few days have been consistent and showing more variation in his movements and more high level of function. We couldn’t be happier!

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  • Tamara January 21, 2016   Reply →

    He’s such an amazing beautiful boy and you are an amazing mother. He’s so lucky to have a mummy so passionate to get the best out of him. I love the huge yawn mid walk, hard work mumma! Have loved seeing your updates and especially the videos today to see his personality shining through. I’m in awe xxx

  • Kerry January 22, 2016   Reply →

    Great work Owen! Love the blogs Taryn xxx

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