Day 16 Feldenkrais with Josipa

Today was an emotional one … you can sense the bond that Josipa and Owen have grown and also us as well..Shaye, Vince and I were there to cheer him on and hope for the fourth consecutive day to be brilliant, and he didn’t disappoint.

Owen began sitting on the bench as per usual and had great stability from the beginning. We were playing with him, talking and encouraging him also to play with his toys. He was rocking, rotating and moving his legs and replacing his feet back down with ease. He was a little hyeractive today so the rocking was a little more daring and so was the kicking out of his legs, but he managed to sustain his balance and sitting without too much assistance. I think we sat for about 30 minutes, we could have sat all session just playing if we didn’t have other tasks to complete. Josipa explained how we can easily do this at home with him, sit with him and play and encourage him to hold his balance for long periods of time.

Moving onto standing, the first time Owen stood his feet were perfection, heels down and grounded into his legs – beautiful! Josipa showed up another movement known as the elephant – basically he would be crouched down in froggie and then instead of rising and leading with the head – his bum would rise and his legs would straighten and then his torso would come up. Just another way for Owen to feel of how he could rise into the standing position – he did pretty well!

Walking was interesting today – as I mentioned he was a little hyper so there was a bit of bouncing and jumping going on, but what steps he did take were such great quality. The left leg today was the best it’s ever been – so beautiful that the toes were spreading before the foot touched the floor and when it did it was the full surface! He didn’t do too many laps of the living area. After a while we opted for some sitting on the ground again. He did so well, it was so nice to see! After he had sat for a while playing Josipa suggested that we do one more try of walking – I wasn’t sure how this was going to go as he looked a little tired but…..he was amazing. He walked along the matt, into the bathroom and then into Josipa’s bedroom – the only room he was yet to enter since beginning the journey around Josipa’s place she was staying. He was walking at one stage holding and shaking his rattle – this is huge! He even walked up to the mirror, kissed himself in the mirror and Josipa let go and he stood there leaning kissing himself on his own! So Bloody Cute!

At the end of class Josipa was a little emotional which made me emotional also – she said “It’s so incredible what Owen is achieving and I’m just so happy”

Each day Owen is building on what he has learnt from the previous day and we just can’t believe how far he has come … nor can we believe that we only have one more week with Josipa.

The end of another amazing week!

Day 16Day 16Day 16Day 16Day 16Day 16

Day 16Day 16
Day 16 Day 16 Day 16
Day 16Day 16Day 16Day 16



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