Day 17 – Feldenkrais with Josipa

On Saturday we decided to squeeze in another session in the morning as we were taking Josipa out for the day. It was just Vince and I there as after the session we were off to show her the Swan Valley.

The session was good although Owen wasn’t a huge fan of walking. He did some fabulous sitting. Look how nice and straight his back is in the pictures! He also was crossing midline with his hands and playing with toys in sitting. This is all so great!

He did want to step too much so he just enjoyed standing at the bench playing with toys and chatting to Daddy.

After the session we showed Josipa a few things of Perth in the Swan Valley.

First Stop – Industriart – This is actually Vince’s Mum’s shop – Vince’s Mum – Veronica and Josipa have grown a lovely relationship and share many similar passions, good food, wine and laughs and the love for vintage items. Josipa loved the shop and said she needed to bring a truck with her!

Second – We went to The Margaret River Chocolate Factory – Josipa loved it here – she loves her chocolate!

Third – We went to Vince’s family’s home – it was lovely to be able to show her where Vince grew up and the lovely gardens and space they have at their house.

Fourth – Lancaster Winery – Josipa and I did a wine & cheese tasting here. She loved the small winery and said that’s who she likes to support back home. Josipa loved her wine and cheese also!

Fifth – Sandalford Winery – We had a wonder around the gardens, and a browse in the gift store – the tasting counter was so busy we decided to skip it here.

Lastly – Mandoon Estate – Firstly Josipa and I did a wine tasting and she was able to purchase a Swan Valley wine to take back to Croatia. We then enjoyed a lovely lunch with Kathryn, Lee and Matilda. (Vince’s Sister, her husband and our adorable niece)

It was a beautiful day and was lovely to be able to show her where Vince grew up.

Not all hard work!

Day 17Day 17Day 17Day 17Day 17


Day 17Day 17

Day 17

Day 17

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