Day 19 – Feldenkrais with Josipa

What a wonderful way to spend Australia Day!

Today Josipa spent the morning at Perth Zoo with Sanja and Adrian and the rest of their family and she had a wonderful time seeing many different animals. At around lunch we picked her up and took her to the DiCandilo Mandurah beach house to celebrate Australia Day near the ocean and of course we squeezed in a touch of therapy.

Owen was good today! Better than the last two days with his stepping especially! He began sitting well in-front of quote a large audience, there were so many things that were different about his surroundings today, more noise people talking, and not necessarily him being the main focus. There was a different floor surface below his feet he hadn’t experienced, there was the smell of the ocean and the strong breeze in his face — and of course Triple J’s Hottest 100 playing!

He sat really well …. and seemed he could have sat forever – but we wanted to also do some standing and walking. We were really testing his balance by throwing the ball at him, shaking his legs and poking and prodding him!

Moving on to standing… while inside he wasn’t that keen on doing to much standing and walking – or when he was it was only a few steps. It was quite humid today and inside so I really think that had a lot to do with it. The quality of the steps were great but he just seemed to be lethargic. We moved to outside where it was a lot cooler with the breeze and Owen loves the wind in his face – but this wind was quite strong so it was another factor he had to consider with balance etc. He did really well, stepping down the yoga mat and onto the floor without much resistance.

He had breaks in between sitting on the sun lounge balancing on his own – how cute are the faces he was pulling when the wind was blowing in his face!

Owen really loves it in Mandurah! He always has – even since he was a baby. When he used to cry all the time prior to diagnosis, he always seemed to be better when we were down in Mandurah at the beach house. I think the fresh air, the smell of the sea and the relaxed vibe he really enjoys. He has always been a lover of water, shower, bath, swimming etc so that makes sense I guess. Owen our little water baby.

We had a lovely lunch of Mandurah blue swimmer crabs, salads, lamb and a pavlova and lamingtons to top it off! We treated Josipa to some true Aussie classics and she even got a sunset swim in down at fourth groyne. What a day! Can’t believe we only have 3 sessions left before she goes back to Croatia…

Quote of the day from Josipa “What a perfect day in Australia”

Day 19Day 19Day 19Day 19Day 19Day 19

Day 19

Day 19
Day 19Day 19

Day 19
Day 19Day 19Day 19Day 19

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