Day 10 – Feldenkrais with Josipa

Today was good! The way Owen was stepping was beautiful!

Uncle Nicko, Vince’s brother, myself and Vince were there today. Owen began with sitting, right on his sitting bones and using his hands and feet to stabilise. He was rocking and being a little daring but he was really playing with where his limits were. It’s so nice to see him sit so well and play with the rest of his body. Moving the head, rotating on his axis, lifting and reposition his feet. All amazing! Josipa was able to really lift each leg while Owen was sitting without him losing balance – check out the pics!

Owen’s standing was fabulous also, with the full surface of the foot on the floor and really sinking into his legs. Today he probably had the best stability to date in standing. As soon as Owen wanted to begin stepping we moved to the hard surface floor. Owen’s stepping was beautiful, it was so effortless, no straining nor was his muscle tone kicking in. There was more freedom and range in his hip joints and all his movements were bigger. We think Owen could feel how grounded and stable he was in his legs that he began to experiment more with his upper body. Like how he experiments in sitting, we think Owen is beginning to do that in standing. He was rocking from side to side, rotating through his middle and playing around with the transference of weight.

Owen walked the full length of the matt a few times and continued to step onto the tiles. This would have been a change in texture and temperature as the tiles were cold and it was nice to see Owen continued with good foot placement and it didn’t put him off. Owen did so well today that Josipa doesn’t want to have a 2 day break so we will be seeing her tomorrow morning also! Cant wait!

Short and sweet my post today … will fill you in tomorrow on some more!

Quote of the day from Josipa “This is all just so beautiful”

PS – Don’t you think Owen suits a man pony hehe

Day 10

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  • Alex Hernandez April 18, 2017   Reply →

    These photos and blog posts are so amazing and inspiring, my daughter Maddison Rose was diagnosed with Lissencephaly at 3 months and it has been a VERY challenging 5 months since her diagnosis. Sites like this that show the development and amazing things these children do keep me upbeat and hopeful for Maddisons future. Thank you for sharing.

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