Day 11 – Feldenkrais with Josipa

Today was not an originally planned session as it was a Saturday, but Owen did so well yesterday we wanted to try and continue that rhythm. It was just myself and Josipa today – no audience at all really, compared what he has been used to.

He began sitting and sitting very well, he was sooo stable on his sitting bones, rocking, turning the body and head and playing with each and every movement. He was showing so much variation in every movement. We can get further and further away from him and not be scared he is going to fall. Josipa was really playing with knees, moving the leg upwards and inwards, so there is no weight bearing on one leg and he needed to balance. She was shaking his knees and legs and seeing whether he would lose balance … and he didn’t.

Owen was so vocal while sitting, chatting away to Josipa – look at the pictures and the bond they have created in such a short time ….we are blessed.

His standing today was …. interesting. It was like he was tired, maybe he knew it was Saturday and that we were meant to have therapy? Or maybe he knew it was only Josipa and myself and he didn’t want to perform in front of such a small audience? He was happy to rise up…and then back down, up and down – but his feet didn’t seem as grounded today – he would rise and then bring his heels down but he wasn’t planted into the ground like he was yesterday. Josipa had to provide more support to him today. He began initiating steps – but didn’t want to take to many before sitting down again. Some times one step, sometimes two or three, but four was his number today. On many occasions he would stand, take four steps and then want to lower back down.

Josipa mentioned she could feel that that his belly was quite loose, loose in the way that there wasn’t much strength and that he was finding it hard to bring his torso up. It wasn’t as though as when he strains and it’s tough for him it was just as though he didn’t have all the energy we are used to seeing in him. I guess this is why I believe it was tiredness, it was also a different time of day today – it was in the morning, but he had risen early – 6am and then therapy was at 9 – where when I have been taking him to therapy usually he has been waking from a nap just before we leave. Anyway – who knows whether it was tiredness or not but we just don’t think he had maximum energy.

On a positive note the stepping that he did take was beautiful, they were slow, controlled movements of the leg and foot and the foot placement when he placed it down were really nice – full surface of foot and spreading of the toes.

Josipa passed on a quote to me today from Moshe Feldenkrais – the aim for us and for Owen is to make the impossible possible, make the possible easier and make the easier, comfortable.

I googled this quote to see what else I could find to describe the method and theory of where Feldenrais comes from and I came across this:

To make, as Moshe Feldenkrais said,  “the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.” And this is done – in stark contrast to the “no pain, no gain” philosophy – without strain and stress, and with awareness, gentleness and much laughter. The student is not plugged into a program to be repaired, but welcomed into a relationship that respects and nourishes his/her own autonomy.

I love this and it is shown in Josipa’s sessions with Owen. She really respects where Owen is at and that each day can be different. She uses and nourishes what he has to offer in his own way.

We again talked about expectations – and how there is a whole part about expectations in Feldenkrais training about not to go into things with expectations of the child, they are not just a diagnosis and that every child is unique. We kept comparing Owen to ‘yesterday’ and then we were expecting too much. I showed Josipa the picture I shared on Owen’s instagram from Day 4 – and we were so surprised. See today he was doing much better standing than Day 4 – but we kept comparing to Day 9. Because Owen has showed us what he is capable of, it’s hard for us to not want that all the time – we need to be careful.

After Today’s session we treated Josipa to an afternoon out. We went back to our place to get Vince as he had been at work, we drove along the coast showing her all the main spots and stopped at Clancy’s in City Beach for lunch. We continued to show her the coast and where we were married in Cottesloe and got a cheeky ice-cream also. It was nice to spend time with her outside of therapy and share some of our life experiences with one another.

Hope you are all, also having a lovely weekend and we will chat to you next week ….can’t believe it will be day 12!

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