Day 12 – Feldenkrais with Josipa

Monday … week three … when starting this daily blog of Owen’s Feldenkrais sessions we had only intended on doing the therapy for a week. On day three after meeting Josipa I knew that I wanted to continue with her for as long as she was here. I had already started the blog by then and seemed such a waste to stop. Looking back now if I  knew we were going to be doing four weeks – would I have done a daily entry, maybe not – but although some nights I’m so mentally drained I pull my thoughts together as I know in weeks to come I’ll look back and be grateful that I wrote daily updates. Whether no one else reads them but me – it’s a great diary for myself and Owen’s progress. I said to Josipa today that I wished I had taken video footage from the first week because although the pictures I have are great, it’s hard to remember how long he would do a task for. For example he is sitting so much longer now than he was before. It’s funny as we see him do the therapy every day we don’t notice the difference as much as those that only come to watch once a week.

Today my Mum and Vince and myself were there, my Mum could see such a difference from when she came last week – it was nice to hear. Owen’s sitting today was beautiful, he was so stable! We were even trying to throw him off balance but he kept grounded for so long. We had a ball that we were rolling towards him, bouncing on his leg, i even bounced it and it accidentally hit him on his head and he still didn’t lose balance…this kid has skill! He was also so vocal … making new sounds that we hadn’t really heard before, deeper sounds like he was discovering the back of his throat! It’s always something I wonder about – as he progresses with physical things – it’s like other parts of his brain are also stimulated which initiate other learnings.

Owen’s standing to begin with wasn’t ideal, his heels were up and he didn’t have the grounding we were after. We decided to move to the tiles pretty much straight away and we also saw an improvement straight away. He likes to mix things up and at one stage all he wanted to do was go up and down, up and down and then take one step and back down again. We didn’t know what we were going to be in for and whether he was going to show us what he is made of. After a bit of warming up and a few minutes in froggy position to get that grounding feeling – he did some great standing and stepping.

Something new that Owen demonstrated today was that when he brought his left leg up to step he bent it back and then brought it forward to place his foot down to step. Josipa explained this is an even higher level of functioning for him to be able to differentiate at this level – woohoo! He only did it once or twice but still fab to see! Also at certain points of his stepping he quickly would step with the right leg after placing the leg left down, Josipa had to try and keep up as it was like he was almost wanting to run quickly!

It’s so nice to see changes each and every day – some days they may only be small but it’s all about progress and thats what we are always aiming for.

Quote of the day from Josipa “This is at a much higher level of function”

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  • Janet Schofield January 18, 2016   Reply →

    It was great to come along again today and see how much Owen has changed in what he can do. He just loved his session!

  • Teresa January 18, 2016   Reply →

    I love reading your progress blog about Owen 🙂 I also love the photo where he is looking up at Josipa <3

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