Day 13 – Feldenkrais with Josipa


Today Owen was on FIRE !!! I wondered how he was going to be as he had seen Triston this morning for Physio so I wondered whether he would be a bit tired… He wasn’t. 

It was Vince and I and Aunty Bec and Kiera his big cousin there today! He was loving the audience and the familiar voices were acting as great encouragement and motivation. 

He began with sitting on his bench, using his hands to balance or sometimes just sitting up nice and tall with no need for them at all. We again tested Owen’s balance by rocking and shaking his legs, lifting his feet off the ground and throwing the ball at him which he just thought was hilarious. 

After sitting for a very decent amount of time we moved to the matt for some standing. Initially his standing wasn’t ideal, his heels were raised and he wasn’t very grounded but we have learnt that we just need to give Owen some time as he soon changed and he was sinking so nice and deeply into his feet and legs! That’s why we need to remember we want to focus on the quality with Owen. We performed the frog position to get that grounding feeling and after a few times of this, his heels were down and he was ready to take steps like a champion. 

Owen took a liking to walking towards Aunty Bec today and wanted to walk towards the kitchen on the tiles. He walked the longest distance today without stopping, all the way up the matt and turned to go towards and into the kitchen… Trapping Bec in the corner! 

His walking was amazing! Big steps, full surface of foot and both feet – equal distribution. The only way to describe it is …AAHHMAZZINGGG! His standing in between each step also was so grounded, Josipa was only touching his ever so slightly near his ribs at the back and at one stage just had the soft touch of her fingers on the back of his shoulder blade. He even reached out and grabbed his toy and gave it a few shakes while standing… This is huge!!! 

In between Owen’s beautiful stepping Josipa was allowing Owen to have breaks towards the end as we wanted to continue seeing this good form. For a break Owen was still working hard but just not on his legs. Owen was sitting on the ground, on his OWN!! Owen hasn’t been able to do this for this length of time ever before. It’s easier for him to sit on his bench as he has the floor below his feet to keep him balanced but sitting on the floor his main weight is just on his sitting bones. What was also so nice to see was his straight back. We even tested the boundaries in this position – shaking his legs, kissing his feet and even tickling his back. He still lasted a while before he fell. 

Josipa and myself joked that we need to not go into tomorrow’s session with expectations. We appreciated the GREATNESS that was today and what will be will be tomorrow – although we hope for as just a good as performance as today! 

Before the session began Josipa explained how she had been speaking to her husband and how they were planning how they could take Owen to Croatia haha – at the end of the session Josipa was just holding Owen – in a trance almost of how well the session had gone… not wanting to pass Owen over…I’m assuming its going to be very difficult to part at the end of this intensive! The bond grows day by day and Owen just improves and improves!

Quote of the day from Josipa “All we want from Owen is quality…and that was AAHHMAZZINGGG” 

Also I have just got home and I am immediately writing this as I’m on such a high and I have just got the most lovely message from Josipa!

She said:

“Today was just absolutely AMAZING and just shows where can these boundaries be with children. It is an endless process and I’m feeling blessed to have come to this part of the world to have the opportunity to work with Owen…oh I adore my job! haha funny word! Thank you for giving me the chance to give my best to Owen. I told you from the first day I feel such a strong connection with Mr. O”

I just cant stop saying how AAHHMAZZINGGG today was! Hope you all have had a fabulous day also!! I will be posting videos later!!!

For anyone that wants to make contact with Josipa this is the best way to reach her or here Centre Of Movement – Croatia 

 Day 13Day 13 Day 13 Day 13 Day 13 Day 13 Day 13 Day 13
Day 13
Day 13 Day 13

Day 13
Day 13 Day 13 Day 13 Dday 13 Day 13Day 13 Day 13 Day 13 Day 13 Day 13Day 13Day 13

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  • Janet January 19, 2016   Reply →

    This is so wonderful!! An understandable high!! 👌👍

  • Paula McFarlane January 19, 2016   Reply →

    Adorable boy!

  • Kaz January 20, 2016   Reply →

    It is truly amazing ,well done little Man.😘

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