Day 14 – Feldenkrais with Josipa

Wow so where do I begin?

I’m sitting here late tonight…. much later than I would normally write. I usually come home straight away from Owen’s sessions and literally dump everything down I have just absorbed in my memory banks – typing, typing as quick as I can before I forget what I experienced. Today was different as we went out for a beautiful dinner with Josipa after our session and we have only just got home…it’s close to midnight!

So let me take you back to the beginning of our session. We had such a great day yesterday, from the very beginning of the session today Josipa and I said to one another – “No expectations allowed!” We know how great Owen was yesterday and we didn’t to go in with high expectations and be disappointed. We really questioned how he was going to be and whether we thought he could better himself from yesterday …. and he did! He was even more amazing!

Today…Day 14 was Vince, myself and Nanna (DiCandilo) as an audience. Nanna hadn’t seen him since day Day 4 as she has been away and what a difference she could see in 10 days of therapy! Tears of joy! She described seeing Owen like it was a different child, she said he had changed so much, looking so much stronger, confident, and that he had come so far. When we see him every day of course we see him progressing, but it’s different when you don’t see all the in between stages and you see the massive change after some time…. and really only 10 days!

Owen began sitting as usual on his stool, and once again we were trying to throw him off balance with the shaking of the knees and throwing a ball towards him. I noticed today that the last few blog posts I haven’t gone into so much detail about his small movements, the variation, the full surface of foot, the weight bearing, the head and eye contact – all of these things I described in so much detail at the beginning of starting this intensive as they were things we were so happy Owen was doing and he was building upon each and every day. And now… well now I don’t have to even really mention them that much as he is just doing them day after day and with so much ease. He really has learnt these skills and these are sticking with him! Josipa was able to really play around with the position of the legs, as you can see in pic three!

His standing today was beautiful! He was almost immediately down on his full surface of foot when standing – straight into it. His stepping again was fabulous also. He didn’t seem to want to be as standing so still in between steps – he wanted to play a little more with a bounce and rock – as the quality of his feet were so good we weren’t overly concerned with the bouncing. Again – what I love about Feldenkrais is that we are listening to Owen and adapting each time.

Owen walked again towards the kitchen and on the tiles. This he did around three times… the next he started to walk towards a door that was closed…. he got to the door, we opened it and he continued to walk… we were walking into Josipa’s bathroom. It was quite funny – Owen continued to walk into the bathroom, and seemed to be really looking around at his surroundings. He walked all the way until he got stuck up against the toilet.

To break up the walking we once again have him a break seated on the floor, today he advanced again in this position, bringing his hands up from supporting him playing with the toy. This is a huge step as Owen was able to continue to balance while having his hands on the drum. He was even sitting not in the ideal position of up on his sitting bones but he had rocked back a little but was still holding balance….and every so often you would see him bring his chest through and forward and pull himself up into a straight alignment up on his sitting bones.

Seriously this kid just amazes me each and every day!

Josipa left with us after the session as we had dinner and we had a great conversation in the car on the way home. We took her to Shorehouse and had a beautiful dinner, watching a stunning sunset and enjoying fabulous wine and food! What a way to top off a brilliant day!

Words can’t describe how fortunate we are to have met Josipa – she is truely an amazing woman. Today I learnt even more about her, her family, her lifestyle, her studies, her dedication, her values and most importantly her love for children and our special little man Owen. As she always says to me “My job, what a silly word….job” Josipa can’t comprehend what she does as just a ‘job’ she is so passionate about helping our children and it really shows, it’s just amazing!

A big thank you also to Sanja & Adrian, as without Sanja we wouldn’t have even met or be put in contact with Josipa.

Today she also shared some fabulous news with us….. she plans to return later in 2016! We couldn’t be happier. I explained to her we have a busy year with intensives with Triston and intensives with NAPA interstate as well as everything else…. but the timing of when she will be returning is just perfect and if everything runs smoothly we will be able to spend some more quality time with her.

Today was just perfect, great session, great sitting, great standing, great stepping, great dinner, great news…..Great Everything!

These words are not even enough to express the feelings we have….Owen Owen Owen ….Love him to bits!

Quote of the day from Josipa “Can it be better than yesterday….yes it can!”


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Day 14
Day 14 Day 14 Day 14 Day 14 Day 14 Day 14 Day 14 Day 14 Day 14 Day 14 Day 14



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