Day 18 – Feldenkrais with Josipa

So today… a funny one …. well let’s just say Mr wasn’t in the mood to do too much stepping – repeat of Saturday! Today there was Kathryn (Vince’s sister, Nanna (Schofield), Vince and I there.

He did some fabulous sitting with lots of movements – he was moving and replacing his feet a lot! he brought his right leg back on the angle underneath the bench on his own – this is something Josipa had only showed him late last week. He was also reaching with the toy and playing a lot while in sitting. He was shifting his weight a lot quicker and his eyes were following with his gaze in sitting. Vince and I were calling his name on either side of him and he was responding quickly!

He seemed to want to stand – but not do that much stepping. He was excited and wanted to jump a bit so Josipa worked on some other exercises trying to get his right leg better positioned. He would step and place the right leg down – initially with good surface of foot but then he would lift it and move it around. It was like he was wanting to experiment a lot more with his right foot and leg today.

He pulled a pretty tricky move today…. when standing he was continusouly leaning back to give Josipa lots of kisses…. and then he just grabbed her glasses and pulled them off her face. We all though this was hilarious – it seemed so purposeful – he went straight for the arm of the glass and – voom – off they went.

As the stepping wasn’t really happening today we decided to focus some more on sitting on the ground. He did well! We have noticed just over the last two sessions that when he is falling back now he is falling with much more control and a few times just fallen back but left the head up – looking around also more – thinking – Hey is someone going to help me out here? Check out the pics!

We have to remember Owen has come so far! We wouldn’t say today was his best day but we have to remember he is only human and will have off days.

Hoping for better days of stepping in the days to come in our last week with Josipa.

Today Josipa quoted Scarlett O’Hara “After all tomorrow is another day”

Also Kathryn said at the end of the lesson “Like any child when learning new skills – there can be days when they take 10 steps forwards and then days when they take 2 steps back” We need to focus on how far Owen has come over these last three weeks – It’s amazing!

Day 18 Day 18 Day 18 Day 18 Day 18 Day 18 Day 18 Day 18 Day 18

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