Day 2 – Feldenkrais Intensive with Josipa

Second day into the intensive block and Owen was a lot more receptive to Josipa, he must have remembered her voice from yesterday and felt more at ease. He seemed a lot more alert and vocal as yesterday he was quite shy and very quiet for Owen. Also Owen’s Dad, Vince attended the session today so maybe he was just wanting to show off as well!

Today we focused on the same principals of getting Owen to feel the ground with the whole surface of his foot. Owen has the tendency to want to be on his tipy toes like a little ballerina and we really want him to be able to feel the ground beneath him with the whole surface of his foot. This is important for all the standing and walking he will do. Simple moves of transferring weight from side to side and allowing Owen to distinguish each leg individually.  It’s important Owen gets that variation between his limbs… again important for walking.

Josipa showed us a different technique today where Owen can get the same sensation of feeling the ground but we bring that surface to him. In one of the pics below you can see that Josipa is using a small chopping board to do so, this has a different texture to the matt and to the stool that has previously been used. Owen has performing the task well on his right foot and wasn’t bothered by the change in textures, but the left foot was a different story. He didn’t seem to like the sensation on his left foot, curling his toes and being more resistant to place his foot down as a whole surface. Throughout this exercise and movement Josipa continued to follow Owen’s lead at all times and ensured he wasn’t wanting to stand through extension… yes – there’s a lot to think about.

About three quarters of the way through the session he started to get a little upset, I believe his molars which are currently coming through must have been giving him some grief as he kept rubbing the side of his face. Josipa quickly learnt that Owen doesn’t like to do the same move too many times or be static in a position for too long. He’s a mover and shaker and is constantly wanting you to mix things up! It’s never nice seeing Owen upset during a session, he was doing so well with all his placements, movements, exercises etc but just was a sad little man. We as Mummy and Daddy were pulling out all the tricks to try and distract him, fart sounds and all! It also may have been to do with Owen being seated and low to the ground…. he’d not a huge fan of sitting still…he was back to his smiling self when we returned to some standing at the end of the session.

She also performed some of the movements on myself so I could experience what Owen is feeling, the softness of her touch was incredible, so soft and gentle and that just outlines how much Owen really is doing himself – we just need to be there to guide and shadow him.

Quotes of the day from Jospia “That is the potential for Owen – and that’s exciting!”

She explained that again Owen has the will and the ability to get him into certain positions. We may just need to be there at the tiniest but most critical moment to guide him where he wants to go.

Josipa – “This isn’t luck or by chance, Owen knows what he is doing – it’s purposeful’

Josipa was referring to Owen rising up into standing and then lowering into a seated position. Its nice to hear from a professional that Owen knows what he is doing, that reassurance as sometimes we can think – oh yay Owen did it…. but was that a fluke?

Owen finished the day with an OT session at home with Kim from the Ability Centre…. I’m pretty sure someone is going to sleep well tonight!

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  • Teresa January 5, 2016   Reply →

    So very interesting to read and try to understand… Boy we sure do take so much for granted!


  • Janet Schofiield January 5, 2016   Reply →

    You worked hard today little man and yes, I guess you will sleep well 💤💤 Well done with all you achieved today xx

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