Day 20 – Feldenkrais with Josipa

Day 20 ……. and we only have 2 more to go!

Today was good although I think we are all beginning to feel the tiredness set in…. Don’t get me wrong I’m still wanting to maximise Josipa’s time here but it’s really exhausting also.

Owen had physio this morning with Triston and did some wonderful balancing and rocking on all fours (hands and knees). He was a little over sensitive with the touching of the neck in standing and we are not sure if it was a bit of sensory overload for him.. i was interested to see how he was going to with with Josipa with only time for a quick 1 hour nap in between.

He was good – although I’m not sure the vibe in the room was what he was used to. Nanna (DiCandilo), Shaye, Vince and I were all there. As I mentioned I have been feeling rather tired today… these late nights don’t help – as I type at 11:30pm.

I know Josipa is trying to share as much knowledge as she can with all of us so we can continue to work with Owen, but maybe the focus is more on her leaving we are all feeling a little flat – who knows – I don’t know – but as Vince’s Mum said as we left – the vibe was different.

Owen did really well sitting, showing off as usual, we really were playing with his patience, testing those boundaries and he stood the test pretty well. Smiling ever so sweetly at Josipa. transferring his weight, not losing it as we lifted one leg or shook his legs in all directions. We could have sat for hours but there was other work to be done… standing and walking.

His standing began well, he did a few froggy positions to get him in the mood and then out of no where he did the elephant or also known as the bear move… where he pushed through his legs and then later lifted his trunk. It was nice to see Owen initiate this on his own. Standing was good with good quality of feet, the right heel still a little higher than what we would like but Josipa went into detail about how we could work on this when she is gone. Dragging the foot, placing it and then shifting the weight over the knee and back again to really try and create that crease over Owen’s ankle. We really need that supporting leg to be taking a great deal of his body weight so he can take a beautiful step with the opposite leg.

Stepping began slowly, with the one, two three steps and down…. getting to number four on the matt and down again… we know this trick and we put it down to Owen just warming up. Owen ventured into the bathroom again today with his steps, he really has a thing for the tiles, always seem to be walking better on them – who know whether it’s the cooler sensation or the hardest surface – but we definitely notice an improvement when on the tiles.  Towards the end of the session we all started to become a little delirious – or maybe that was just me – making even stranger noises than normal and encouraging Owen in all sorts of ways. Both Josipa and I said today… We need Aunty Becky to come again!

When Owen was resting in sitting today he did really well, he was sitting with a much wider leg spread and really playing around with rocking on different parts of his siting bones. His trunk throughout the whole session was much more forward on an angle, without falling forward. You can see in one of these pics that he was trying to kiss the yellow ball, he was chatting away to it and leaning right forward into it, while sitting.

Quote of the day from Josipa “I know this may be high level of function we are discussing, but I know that’s what Owen will be doing when I’m gone”


Day 20Day 20Day 20Day 20Day 20 Day 20

Day 20
Day 20Day 20


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