Day 21 – Feldenkrais with Josipa

Thank you … Thank you … Thank you – Owen was back dominating today and gosh it was nice to see. As I mentioned yesterday that the vibe was flat – Owen hadn’t had the best quality in his steps for a few days and I was feeling exhausted but today it was like we had a new bounce of energy and he was back to performing well.

We began with sitting, he seemed a little hyperactive with lots of movements happening, but he was maintaining his balance which was so nice to see. He was rocking, chatting, lifting and replacing his feet, we were throwing the ball, he was really experimenting and it was great! We starting timing Owen after a while sitting on the bench and he reached 9mins quite easily without losing his balance.

Moving onto standing, Owen’s feet were nice and flat, still the right not as good as the left but much better than the last few days. He began stepping and seemed to have that grounding and composure while transferring weight, we was really sinking into his heels and the grounding feeling on stationary and standing.

Stepping was good and his stamina seemed to be better – he wasn’t wanting to drop down after every two steps. We made the distance into Josipa’s bedroom again – three times! The left leg was beautiful, lowering with full surface of foot it was just wonderful and the right still good but still room for improvement.

We had a special visitor come towards the end of the session today – Triston, Owen’s Peadiatric Physio. Triston is so busy with all her existing children and her current practise that we really appreciate her taking the time to come to chat to Josipa about our kids. We continued with stepping and Josipa just explained what she has been working on with Owen. It was so nice for me to hear again and so nice to know that everyone that works with Owen is on the same page. We appreciate all Owen’s therapists so much and it’s so nice when they want to share ideas also.

Owen worked on all the same movements/exercises stepping, standing, sitting on bench, sitting on floor – all so they could chat things through. Owen showed Triston how he can walk with Josipa all the way to her bedroom. I just love the look on his face when he catches himself in the mirror for the first time – it’s the best. Triston asked whether I had noticed an improvement in Owen’s vision and I would agree that lately it has got better. She said she thinks that he is responding quicker which is nice to hear.

We showed off some of his sitting skills although on the floor today he didn’t sit for the whole length of the “Cheerleader” song – he still did really well. He fell back – but really controlled falling. He stayed in the position with just his head up for quite a while. Then some sitting on the bench… he again didn’t want to sit to long – it was almost like he was thinking – Hey I have already done this today. Triston made a good point that he is so much more aware of himself falling now, you can see the look on his face when he is about to fall, instead of just him collapsing out of a position.

Overall it was a great session! I also shared Owen’s MRI image with Josipa and she will share with her Neurologist. Will be very interesting to hear what they say. I quickly showed her one image where just looking quickly you can see how smooth Owen’s brain is and how enlarged his ventricles are … it was weird seeing those images – something we don’t look at any more and just live in the moment and see how much Owen is achieving.

Something else very strange…well thats not the right word…. very meaningful today happened. I have never noticed until today when Vince pointed out the butterfly magnet on Josipa’s fridge. It’s the only magnet on their and butterflies hold a special significance to me. When my Nan Schofield passed we spoke with a special lady who said to me that whenever we are in the presence of a butterfly it is my Nan with us. It is crazy how in so many off occasions that this happens…. and then today out of no where I just noticed the butterfly on her fridge. I told Josipa this and she shared with me that she has a special significance with butterflies also and it share meaning for her and her Grandfather. It’s things like this that I find so powerful…. left me a little speechless. My Nan never got to meet Owen but I’m sure she is watching right over him.

Well so second last day…. Owen did so well today… And I have literally spent nearly every day for the last month with the wonderful Josipa and to think tomorrow is our last session … well thats sad… Lets hope he goes out with a bang tomorrow!

Quote of the day from Josipa “Owen is special, like really special”


Day 21Day 21Day 21
Day 21
Day 21 Day 21

Day 21
Day 21 Day 21

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