Day 3 – Feldenkrais Intensive with Josipa

Day 3 – More progress, more smiles and kisses for Josipa.

Today Owen had an audience, Daddy, Nanna (Schofield) and Shaye, Owen’s part time carer all came to watch his work. It important as Owen’s network of people around Owen that we are all on the same page. Throughout the year various people within Owen’s network of family and people that spend a lot of time with him, come to his sessions to see what goals Owen’s therapists are working on and how we can adapt the way we handle him and deal with him on a day to day basis to maximise his potential.

Josipa continued to work on the same principles today, she used the chopping board once again to bring the floor to him underneath the surface of his foot…and today he let us do it on his left foot! Crazy how things can change in just a day – yesterday he didn’t want the texture of the chopping board anywhere near his left foot….today he didn’t mind it all. It was great that Josipa was able to explain the principles of variation, weight bearing, full surface of foot all over again to Daddy, Nanna and Shaye… and it’s always great for me to hear it again. Throughout todays session Josipa let all Owen’s audience take part in the session, Daddy, Nanna and Shaye all got to experience the soft touch that is approached to Owen through the methods of Josipa and Feldenkrais. It really is great to listen but until you feel the movements and do it yourself… that’s when you can really connect with Owen. Various things Owen does in therapy I find hard explaining to people so letting them experience it for themselves is the best method to learn.

Owen worked really hard today, being on his feet for the most part of 1.5 hours. The session today went for 2 hours with the last half hour spent with Owen lying on his back on the matt and Josipa feeling and ever so softly working on his diaphragm. This is something we haven’t done yet in the sessions to date. Owen is very sensitive at the top of his diaphragm, and can tend to over tense his ab muscles. It’s so important for Owen’s standing, sitting and just posture and body position in general that his abs aren’t always locked up and that he can relax his core. Josipa worked very softly on the outer edge of his rib cage, trying to keep that relaxed in a particular way so that when made the move with his head to try and sit up he didn’t get stuck. Owen is very good at lifting his head as if he wants to sit up when in the lying position, but he finds it hard to get much further than that. You imagine lying on the ground, you lift your head to try and pull yourself up, you don’t use your hands for support and you have the feeling of your diaphragm moving upwards and everything in your core locking …..  bet you feel stuck and can’t move…this is what Owen experiences. We need to teach Owen that if he relaxes his diaphragm, moves his body possibly to one side or the other on an angle and uses his hands or elbows for support it will be much easier for him to sit up and be upright which he likes so much. If you are intrigued by this whole principal about the diaphragm Josipa said it’s explained well in this this book! Kids Beyond Limits – by Anat Baniel – I’m yet to read it all…. it’s on my list of things to do…. if only there were 48 hours in a day and 14 days in a week!

Listening to all these principles being spoken about makes you realise it’s a lot of common sense – just we really don’t think about it – we just take it all for granted.

One thing we did continually notice today was that Owen was willing to explore more with his hands. He was searching for Jospia’s leg, the therapy bench and a little buckle on the end of the bench. Towards the end of the session he was even using his hands a little more to weight bear and use for balance. It’s not that Owen fully weight bears on his hands but it’s just that he’s becoming more aware of his hands and that they can be there to help him. Each little bit is progress and thats the most important thing.

Quote of the day from Josipa – “What a wonderful session today was”

I could tell she was so happy that more of Owen’s family and people that care for him had come to watch the session and I could tell she was loving the session as she went on for an extra 30 mins!! Owen was really engaging with Jospia today, talking (his way of course), kissing, smiling and making really good eye contact with her! He’s bonding for sure!

At the end of today’s session as we went over time, we got to meet Archer who had arrived for his session! Lisa, Archers Mum and I have talked on various occasions on social media and email but we have never actually got to meet! Us families that go through a similar journey with special needs kids really get to build new and lasting relationships with people we would have not maybe met if it wasn’t for our kids. We are thankful for that! Check out the superstar Archer is here! He has the cutest smile and was so friendly to me today! I loved meeting him!




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  • Lisa January 6, 2016   Reply →

    It was great meeting you (at last), and your beautiful family today! Josipa is amazing and Owen is such a lil champion! We are so lucky to find these amazing therapists that are so devoted to helping out kiddies. 😘

  • Janet Schofield January 6, 2016   Reply →

    It was just wonderful to be part of Owen’s therapy today and to see how hard he works. His love for movement and the concentration he was putting in, was very deliberate! Jospia worked so well with Owen and was in tune with all of his movements, making it look easy! I left feeling excited and very grateful.

    You are a little treasure Owen and you accomplished so much in one session today! xxx

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