Day 4 – Feldenkrais Intensive with Josipa

Onto Day 4 and we are seeing more changes in Owen.

Today Owen had more family members come watch him in action, Myself and his Dad were there but also Nanna and Grandad (DiCandilo). Once again Owen quite liked having an audience to show all his hard work off to, I think the familiar voices and sense of those loved ones around him he just adores.

Josipa went to began the session with the same foot placement techniques as we have done on previous days but that didn’t last long with Owen wanting to get up and move straight away. Owen began the lesson with standing, showing good foot placement – less primitive state –  with his toes uncurled and full surface of foot on the stool. Not sure whether it’s due to Owen’s molars coming through or the air conditioning but he had a bit of a sniffly nose which made him sneeze and snuffly a little through the session. Standing was good on both the stool and matt surfaces.

One distinct difference we noticed today was Owen had good rotation throughout his trunk, he was shifting weight from one leg to the other and rotating through his trunk to turn from side to side not only following with his head but also the connection with his eyes. This connection with his eyes. head, body alignment is so important for helping Owen to begin to take purposeful steps when walking.

A large part of the session today, once Owen had tired himself out from standing was his sitting. Owen was a lot more well balanced on his sit bones and pelvis. He still had the tendency to rock, which he loves to do, but today he was controlling that rock and bringing himself back into centre – which was just fab to see. He was using his hands more to stabilise and was getting good rotation throughout his pelvis…. this kid just amazes me everyday.

Quote of the day from Josipa “No day is the same with Owen, he learns quickly”

Again positive reinforcement from Owen’s therapists it just amazing to hear. To know we are doing all we can for him and that he is benefiting is just fabulous.

Tomorrow is meant to be our last session with Josipa, but we don’t want this time to end! I feel like I have so much I still want to learn from her.

Maybe we need to ask her to move to Australia!


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