Day 6 – Feldenkrais Intensive with Josipa

Today Day 6 … After two days away from Josipa I was intrigued to see how Owen was going to perform today. Over the weekend Vince and I practised foot placement, lots of sitting, standing and weight transference.

Being week 2, the sessions are a little later in the day and therefore I made sure Owen had a good sleep prior to the session so he was nice and fresh. He was a little quiet today, Mr Serious face for the beginning of the lesson, whether that was him just getting back into the swing of things or whether beacuse it was later in the day – who knows… we will see how he is tomorrow. Today Nanna (Schofield) and Vince’s sister Andrea and Vince were all there to watch. Again Owen loved the crowd!

Today we took our therapy bench from home, Josipa wanted to work with something a little wider to work on Owen’s sitting and balance and the stool she had was a little narrow. She was impressed with our bench “Oh, this is pro” she said – This therapy bench we recently received through funding through Better Start. I really wanted to be able to work on Owen’s sitting with the bench and so glad we got it.

Owen’s feet and foot placement today was TERRIFIC! No correction needed at all, he made us all laugh a number of times as he corrected his foot all by himself, he was continuously spreading his toes and lifting and moving his foot in all directions. There was no primitive signs at all! YAY! So different to this time last week.

Owen did some wonderful sitting, rocking back and forth and holding balance, he was really getting up in the centre and over his sit bones. When children tend to slouch and sit on the back side of their sitting bones they are more likely to fall backwards – where Owen was right up in the centre and sitting so well. He was really leaning forward, and the angle at which his ankles and feet were greater than any other day. At the beginning of the session he didn’t want to connect to much with his eyes… it was funny at that stage Vince hadn’t arrived. It almost seemed Owen was a little unsure….the when Vince arrived he was a lot more alert and using his vision more. He was really using his hands for balance and really placing full weight into them, exploring around and stratching at the bench. Much more independent finger movements. Josipa was able to do variation and transference of weight with one leg off the ground and Owen still holding his balance, he even sat there at one stage – no hands for support, and one leg lifted! I mentioned to Josipa that I noticed on the weekend when he was sitting his head was either looking right down or tilted back and up – this is something we will want to work on to try and get that head at eye level.

Owen’s standing was also great today in regards to his foot placement. His heels were down and it really felt as they he was grounded down into his feet with big creases across his ankles. Today he didn’t want to stand for too long each time. He was happy to go up and down but didn’t stand tall for as long as usual. It did sometimes seem that there was a greater effort needed to lift his torso today. Not really sure why that is – hopefully the later in the day session isn’t effecting him but we will see how he goes tomorrow. As Josipa said – he was standing with such great quality just for smaller amounts of time. She showed us a technique today of just placing fingers underneath near his foot. She has done this previously but maybe I took more notice today. Owen isn’t quite ready for one whole foot off the ground for long periods of time so this is a bit of a stepping stone.

Owen showed bigger rotation through the trunk today than we have seen before in both sitting and standing! We even started to experiment with him standing with each foot offset. So basically in a stepping position – one foot further forward than the other, it was nice to see this variation and it not effect Owen’s foot placement. Again pushing the boundaries and on to the next level.

Quote of the day from Josipa “You are like watching a really good movie Owen, so interesting I don’t want to stop”

Josipa has expressed to us that she just loves that no day is the same and that each time she sees Owen she believes he is ready for the next level.

Again today she worked on his jaw and Owen was willing to do quite a lot with a more closed jaw. He was chatting away to her and there was some lovely turn taking happening. She even did some jaw work on myself so I could experience what she was doing to Owen so then I can do it to Owen when he leaves us.

Looking forward to another week with her!






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