Day 7 – Feldenkrais with Josipa

WOW – Where do I begin… Owen did something today towards the end of the session that was extraordinary! You will have to read to find out… Let me share our session with you.

Today Owen’s Uncle Jarrad and Aunty Bec where there to watch as well as Vince and I, that’s my brother and sister in-law. Owen spends a lot of time with them as we live quite close so it’s great to be able to share these experiences with them.

Today Owen sat very well, again with full surface of foot, rocking and regaining balance. He was rocking, replacing his own foot, sitting with full rotation of the trunk, and with his head and eyes following. Today again pushing the boundaries and showing the biggest rotation to date. We were reminded again by Josipa that we don’t need to be there to support him too much, he knows and will correct himself when he can. We just have to be there as a shadow – to help him and guide him but not do things for him.

Owen was again exploring more with his hands and finding his knees. As you can see in the pics we are trying to also show Owen he can use his knees as balance when he doesn’t have his hands on the bench. This is much more demanding of Owen in terms of balance, but he needs to learn this variation as it will help him with better sitting.

Owen’s standing today was fabulous also, he was standing with full surface of foot and transferring weight beautifully. He was showing full rotation when standing and transferring the weight from one side to the other, this is something we were trying to do with him last week that just wasn’t happening. He was standing with full rotation of the trunk with minimal support with Josipa just assisting on one hip. We continued with this, standing and lowering to seating, Owen was also sitting down with such control – it wasn’t like he had lost balance and fallen down – he was really sitting down with purpose.

After much standing and sitting Owen surprised us all! He took his first step…..and is was his left leg!!!!! Josipa was supporting his hips in a beautiful standing position and then he just transferred all his weight to one leg and stepped forward with the other leg. We all just sat their shocked – and said OH MY GOSH – Josipa said – I just felt something happen… She was busily focusing on his right leg and the weight bearing that she didn’t see the movement of the left leg. We were all so shocked, I actually shed a tear of joy – I never usually get emotional in Owen’s sessions. I continuously see him improve and work so hard every day his does different therapy but this was different. We weren’t even working on him to take he step…he just did it…with such ease and surprised us all! As this was so out of the blue we obviously didn’t have the camera ready. We really wanted to see Owen do this again, so we continued with the standing and then it happened again…. totally unprompted…. We couldn’t believe it – I managed to catch it briefly on camera. Yesterday I mentioned how he didn’t even really want Josipa to touch one foot to encourage the weight change as it was throwing him off balance and then today she didn’t even try and he just transferred his weight and took a step. Seriously this kid is amazing!

Now we have all see Owen initiate and take steps in his walker so your probably wondering why we are so excited…well this is completely different. In the walker he has the support of his arms and hands and the strap across his chest and a lot of the weight is in his arms as we all as his legs. Where what occurred today was completely Owen with full weight in his legs and minimal support from Josipa.

Quote of the day from Josipa – “Seriously where are you from? Mars? Jupiter?”

She expressed to Jarrad and Bec and us again how amazed she is at his progress with her. “This kid learns so fast – SERIOUSLY FAST”

Throughout the lesson Owen started moving his right hand in a way it was like he was watching it move – bent at the elbow and moving his hand around in front of his face. We pointed this out to her…and she went onto tell us its actually a “thing” and is called Dead Bird! Something I would like to read more about!

The other day Josipa had discussed the Radial Glial Cells and how they work inside the brain – today I asked her to repeat. She went on to explain to me about how if the develop fully the child would have a better chance of developing and learning etc – this is obviously very high level stuff – so I feel I would like to read a bit more about this. The neurologist that Josipa works with has even asked to look at Owen’s MRI – he is so intrigued. He is Doc. dr. sc. Hrvoje Hećimović, he is from Croatia but he did one of his 2 PhD’s in Edinburgh and second one in St.Louis USA. He is also an epileptologyst and Josipa has worked with him collaboratively for 7 years. He shared with her that he feels like he is right here in the moment with us through this journey although we have never met and would love to see Owen’s MRI. Oh we feel so blessed to get to work with each and every person that we have met along the way through this journey and it makes us so happy when people are genuinely interested in Owen and his journey.

Hi to Doc. dr. sc. Hrvoje Hećimović !!

WOW – What an amazing day!

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  • Teresa January 12, 2016   Reply →

    Wow!!! Owen you are a Champ!!! Love reading & seeing your progress which is truely Inspiring 💙

  • Janet January 12, 2016   Reply →

    👏👏👏👏👏this is so wonderful! Owen your a little champ! Xx

  • Hecimovic January 12, 2016   Reply →

    Dear Taryn and family, it is amazing what Owen and your family are going through this past week. He is a very special boy that can surprise you all. I am watching his progress and it looks to me that every day another cluster of his brain cells are being activated and stimulated by the magic hands of Josipa. Yes, I will be willing to get more insight into Owen’s problem. Take care. H Hecimovic

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