Day 8 – Feldenkrais with Josipa

Well today was an odd one…. For both good and not so good reasons…It is funny how each and every session I have such a different feeling after. Yesterday I was on such a high – where today I feel….well I don’t know how to describe it….a little strange.

Today Owen’s Grandad (Schofield) and Vince and I were his audience. One the way to the session in the car he had been quite figidity, constantly rubbing his nose like something was bothering him. This continued at the beginning of the session as he was constantly rubbing his nose – maybe a touch of hayfever…or just a stubborn boogie up his noes…who knows!

Owen begin with some sitting, sitting well but only for short periods of time. It was like he wasn’t as grounded today. He seemed to want to rock with more variation and be that bit more daring with his movements. He was constantly lifting his feet but sometimes not just placing them back down he was pushing off them. Therefore today in seating we didn’t see so much transference of weight from one leg to the other as he was to busy trying to do too many things all at the same time. He wanted to rock, push off his feet, turn his head, and rotate his trunk and rock some more – all at the same time – and it didn’t work to well for him.

When Owen begin to stand today his foot placement wasn’t the best. I guess we immediately compare to yesterday and his foot quality of stance was SO good yesterday, so today we really noticed the difference. He did begin to lower his heels when in the position for an amount of time but still didn’t seem like he had the grounding that he had yesterday. He was moving his trunk around a lot and it was like he was telling us he just wanted to get moving. Maybe yesterday he had a taste of moving with the step he was initiating that today it was like he just wanted to run.

We wondered whether Owen would initiate a step again today, and he did. YAY! He wasn’t even standing for too long before the left leg raised and took a step – we were so happy to see he had continued with what he started yesterday. We then wanted to encourage the same movement on the right leg….and he did! DOUBLE YAY! This was much harder for him on the right and we had to be patient as it takes him a lot longer on the right to make that connection, but as a true Feldenkrais theory – we have to wait for Owen to want to – we can’t force anything we can only give him hints. It’s strange that he’s so willing to step with his left but it’s harder on the right – as when he started in the walker he immediately would step with the right, but it was the left that he needed help with to begin with. Very strange that it’s the opposite…

Owen was a champion and had wonderful steps with such clear differentiation in the legs and clear purpose of wanting to step – but not very good quality of foot placement.

Owen is always keeping us on our toes, and constantly challenging theories and pushing the boundaries. Today he was a champion in that he was wanting to take steps and he took so many steps – pacing up and down the matt. But in terms of quality and placement of foot – it wasn’t great. He was much more on his tippee toes today – where yesterday we saw that real quality of grounding into the floor.

As Owen has learnt SOOO much in the last 7 days, it is hard for us not to expect so much from him as we know he is so clever – but we need to be careful of that, that we aren’t expecting too much!

Tomorrow we hope for the continued will to step – but with better placement of the feet!

Today I also called Princess Margaret Hospital where Owen had his MRI at 3 months of age (March 2014). They are going to be putting his images on a disk for me so I can share with Doc. dr. sc. Hrvoje Hećimović. Will keep you posted!

Quote of the day from Josipa – “Owen isn’t like watching the normal TV – He is the High Definition stuff – the special stuff”

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