Day 9 – Feldenkrais with Josipa

Today Owen had his A – Game back … not immediately with the standing … but didn’t take him too long … let me explain.

Today Myself, Vince and Shaye (our in home fabulous helper) were there to watch Owen and encourage him through his work. He begin sitting on his stool, he showed much more grounding today than yesterday, he seemed to be centred more. He was transferring weight beautifully, using his hands for balance and also rocking back and forth and regaining balance. This rocking was at greater range than any other day. He was rotating through his trunk well – as yesterday he was rotating too much we tried to move quicker and inhibit him from rotating too much. We would let him turn and then quickly we were distracting him to look back the other way. This way he still got to feel the variation and movement of the twist through his trunk but he wasn’t rotating too much which would cause him to lose balance or extend.

We then began standing, to begin with his foot placement wasn’t great and he seemed to be raising onto his toes. Instead of persisting with this in the hope he would correct his feet, Josipa showed us another exercise where he sinks deep down into  his feet. This position is called the chicken or we related it to the frog. Owen was bent right down and all the weight of his body was sunk deep into his heels. He was getting a little frustrated and Josipa was testing his patience as we could tell he wanted to push up into standing but it was much more difficult from being so low. We continued with this pushing down motion – into his feet – into his feet – we wanted his to again regain that feeling of whole surface of the foot and weight into the whole of his foot. Once we had done this for a while we then began to stand again – and his standing was MUCH better. There again we saw the full surface of the foot and the weight evenly distributed over the legs. Owen then began shifting weight and playing again with rotation. Again we didn’t let him rotate too much as this is what he was doing yesterday and we continued to quickly change his focus from side to side.

Josipa didn’t want to immediately focus on whether Owen was going to step – we just wanted good quality of standing. Yesterday not too many things were in good quality so today that was our focus. Owen must have felt that security on his feet and began initiating some steps. To mix things up – as this kid always does – he was finding it easier to step on his right instead of his left. Strange as to date with Josipa it has been the left leading usually. After taking a few steps on the matt we decided to move on to the harder surface of the floor. As the blue matt is a little soft its harder for Owen to be secure so we wanted to see how well he did on the harder surface. He was a superstar!

Owen was standing so well – with so much balance and composure. He seemed so grounded within his feet, at times Josipa was only touching him ever so slightly with 2 fingers on one hip. He continued to show off taking step after step – with both right and left!

We could tell towards the end of the session he was getting tired, he was finding it harder to bring his torso up so we opted for some different movements lying down.

Owen can tend to rock quite a lot and we need to teach him where that point is where he can rock and regain balance and then rock and still come back up. Josipa worked with him in a seating position on the floor and rocked with him and then when he rocked to far we gave him that sensation of falling – but just made sure we were there to catch him. As Owen doesn’t have a full understanding of his surroundings – usually a sudden movement like that like he is falling back would really upset him, but today he seemed to fall back with more control and we didn’t see him get upset!

Today was a great day! And we saw that quality back again in his feet which was so nice to see, he took more steps than ever before with such great quality of the surface of foot! YAY!

He can change so much from day to day!

Quote of the day from Josipa “Today is another page in Owen’s book”

Day 9

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