Wow – just got home from Owen’s first day at his first NAPA Intensive… We are all exhausted (Mum and Dad included) yet he’s the one that did all the work! Owen did really well considering today was all very new for him, new people, new surroundings, new exercises, new experiences, the neurosuit feeling… all in all he did really well.

First hour CME – Owen met Yumi his CME therapist – she’s lovely and quickly learnt how much Owen likes to be on his legs. We have been working on Owen’s standing and trying to get down to his ankles to stabilise him… Yumi was right onto this and Owen was performing well.. therefore she wanted to push the boundaries and so she did. Owen then did some independent standing while moving on a board! This was very impressive!! Longest 40sec.. which felt like forever! You must watch the video to see!

Second hour OT – Owen met Jenny his Occupational Therapist – she was lovely also and gave us some great ideas to work with on Owen’s sensory sensitivity. We will be working more towards getting Owen using his hands and arms more functionally. We played with different textures and also working on his grasp and release.

Third (Emily) and fourth (Yumi) hour – Neurosuit – Owen had Emily and Yumi each for an hour while in the Neurosuit. Emily was lovely but had got to start working with Owen in his third hour so he was a little tired and upset. She was great with him though and working through things. This piece of equipment is FULL ON… poor Owen was exhausted! The pulley system on it made everything so much harder for him to do, he was really working hard. We worked on a lot of transitioning from laying to sitting and also to try and get Owen to use strength through him arms while being on the floor. Owen tends to be very weak through his shoulders and therefore doesn’t lay comfortably on the floor for playtime on his tummy, this is something we will be working. We also did standing and tested out how he would move in his walker with the suit on. I had the misconception that Owen may be stronger in the suit in the walker but it actually looked harder for him, also he was in shoes when in the suit with the walker which made initiating with his left leg a lot harder.

Owen was a little upset for the second half of the four hours but we did our best to keep him motivated by talking, making silly sounds, playing songs etc – we have come home he has eaten lunch and he is now off for what I expect to be a long sleep.

DAY 1 – Complete!

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