OJD Gala – An Evening for Our Young Warrior

As some of you may be aware we are planning a fundraising gala for October 21 at Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre… call me crazy with everything else we have going on already in our lives but I felt this was something we just needed to do.

It’s been on my mind for a while but we hadn’t had the opportunity to do so as we as a family don’t hold a charitable license so legally for us to hold an event like this and to a large scale we really needed another foundation on board to allow and support the gala and all its fundraising activities. I may have spoken about them before but the Button family we had met about a year ago and formed a relationship and I love what they are all about. We are so fortunate that they have the Saba Rose Button Foundation have endorsed the OJD Gala, and are allowing us to fundraise under their charitable license.

So why we are holding such an event …. we are wanting to raise awareness for rare genetic conditions, Owen having Xq23 deletion … including Lissencephaly as a condition and also funds for ongoing treatment for Owen. If you are reading this blog you probably already follow our journey and would know that we do anything we can to provide Owen the best treatment plan there is and therefore try and maximise his potential in his development as a child…. and we just want to be able to do that more and more.

We also feel we have a lot to celebrate from our hard work and dedication. Owen can now sit for short periods of time and play independently …. this is HUGE!! He has worked so hard to achieve this and we wouldn’t have got to this point without the intense therapy plan we have in place. We are not naive to the fact that Owen and us as a family have a very rough and rocky time ahead of us and this therapy isn’t a ‘cure’ as such, but our attitude is that if it’s going to contribute to Owen having a better quality of life in whatever small way that may be… we are going to make it happen…and we are going to be positive about it.

Being told your son may never hold his head up, sit, crawl, walk, talk was absolutely devastating … and we are constantly reminded of that daily but … we have come such a long way and we are driven so much to helping him achieve whatever it is he can and are very lucky to have all of you “Owen’s Tribe’ cheering us all the way! What is the saying ?? They say it takes a village to raise a child…

In case you missed it we were featured on channel 9 news last week … see below. As we mention we are just so blessed to have the support of the wider community and we are looking forward to forming many more relationships with people that may like to get involved in the OJD Gala.

Planning is well under way and it’s all getting very exciting. I couldn’t do it without my own personal tribe of girlfriends who catch up with me to answer my questions, listen to my silly ideas, reply to my numerous emails, calm me down when I think its all getting to much. I honestly am so lucky to have them by my side and I am truely truely thankful! You girls know who you are 🙂

The Gala never switches off in my head, styling ideas, food and alcohol selection, entertainment, sponsors, donations, prizes ….buzzing buzzing around in my head… it’s fun and exciting and a little daunting all at once!

We really hope we are able to share this memorable night with you all and we can’t thank you enough for wanting to make a difference in Owen and our lives as a family.

If you would like to know more about the OJD Gala and how you can get involved we would love to hear from you!

We are looking for event night sponsors and those offering goods and services for the night, donations for live and silent auction items, prizes for raffles and door prizes and interest in table and VIP/Corporate tables bookings.

We really are open to chatting to anyone about how they may like to assist and get involved.

Thank you to those already on board with us and those that have already purchased your tables… everyone else get onto it now to avoid disappointment!

Again …. thank you so much and we will keep you posted on all the exciting updates for the night!


For more info….


Event enquiries to hello@owenjamesdicandilo.com




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