Week 1 with Josipa “….. I must stay”

So where do I begin with what a week we have had, as some of you know Josipa has returned and she has spending more time with Owen. This past week we have been lucky enough to see her everyday for 2 hours each day and also Saturday we were able to hang out and teach her all about the AFL. We haven’t seen her in 8 months but it only feels like yesterday she was here last!

Last time Josipa was here I was able to focus so intently on the sessions, talking through each movement and gain Owen was making. As we are currently planning the OJD Gala my mind is currently in two places so although I am still so interested in what is happening during Owen’s sessions I feel as though they don’t have my full attention therefore I havn’t been writing my daily blogs like last time. If you missed everything about her last time here feel free to go back to my previous blogs …

Josipa and I have been discussing the week she has had with Owen with me and it’s funny I didn’t realise how many people read my blogs last time as she has had so many people have asked her how things are going with Owen as they haven’t heard from me….. So for everyone that’s been waiting — Hello!! Read on to hear about our first week.

Owen has grown a lot since the last time and now is having to deal with new challenges of finding and maintaining balance, he has much more independent movement of his trunk and is rotating further from left to right including the movement with visual attention also.

It has been perfect timing with Owen receiving botox 3 weeks ago as he was becoming so tight in his hamstrings and calves making it difficult for him to sit long leg sitting. Now he can sit comfortably in this position so Josipa has been working on his balance. Moving his legs in and out while in this position and working on so many different variations.

Another focus of the week has been Owen’s ability to sit in side sitting. This is something that used to be very uncomfortable for him as his muscle tone was so strong and tight. We are working on this position being more comfortable for him since the botox and for him to be able to sit in this position with ease. Towards the later part of the week he has been experimenting more with rocking and rolling of the pelvis in this position which is so nice to see. He has even been lifting the hands, crossing midline and playing around. He has been losing his balance during this as he tests his boundaries but a big difference Josipa has noticed is that his falling is much more gradual and controlled now and it doesn’t upset him.

Owen’s standing and the quality of his feet since botox has been wonderful. We are having to watch his right leg as he does tend to go into hyperextenion but in the last few days he was really nice with softening of the legs and feeling grounded without being extended too much. He is twisting much more through his trunk in standing now which allows for many more kissing opportunities with Josipa haha

She shared a few Moshe Feldenkrais’ words with me this week…

” What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies, but flexible brains. What I’m after is to restore each person to their human dignity.”

I believe that the unity of mind and body is an objective reality. They are not just parts somehow related to each other, but an inseparable whole while functioning. A brain without a body could not think. ”

And one she also shared with us last time …

To make imposible posible, to make posible easy, to make easy elegant.

It has been an amazing first week …. and to top it off …. she has rescheduled her plans to stay one week longer so she is able to attend the OJD Gala. She said to me…

“I believe this is such an important night for Owen and I am such a part of his life and journey now I feel I must be there, it is like Owen’s wedding it is so special so I must stay”

We couldn’t be happier and we are so pleased to have her here another week also to work with out little man.

Onto week 2….

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    Just so wonderful! Looking forward to seeing Owen go through his paces 💙

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