The Silver Lining

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Just days after diagnosis a letter written by Owen’s Great Grandfather was given to us as parents. A significant part of the letter read;


There is an old saying, ‘behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining’, It may seem early days to talk of ‘silver linings’ when all seems dark and gloomy, however, God calls us to have faith in him. Little Owen, your little boy, may be God’s means of calling us to new heights of love for him and for each other”


Looking back and reading these words from my Pop, I can truly relate now.

At the beginning it was so hard to look through to that silver lining and it seemed unimaginable how life could go on. But I truly believe Owen is our little man for a reason and he has touched so many lives and made each and every one of us better people. He really has taught us about not taking things for granted, cherishing every moment and unconditional love for both him and those around us.

If you would like to leave us a message – whether it be for us or Owen, we promise we will read all the messages for him.

We thank you for all your encouragement, support and love XOXO


  • Jane Humphries November 10, 2015   Reply →

    Dear Owen

    Thank you for sharing your story. The progress you’re making is so inspiring. Your smiles are infectious and you bring so much joy to everyone who meets you. Your mum and dad are pretty special too!

    Keep fighting young warrior, your tribe is behind you all the way.

    Lots of love,
    Jane xx

  • Melissa Mattioli January 29, 2016   Reply →

    Dear Owen,

    Though I haven’t met you, I feel like I know you a little bit through the beautiful way your mummy and daddy are sharing your story. I have known your mummy for a little while now and though we don’t see each other any more, I still love to hear all about you and your family.

    I have been reading about your Feldenkrais journey with Josipa this past month and all the wonderful things you’ve been achieving. Even from all the way on the other side of the world, I can see how hard you’ve been working and all the progress you’ve made. Great job, Owen – what a legend you are!

    To your mummy and daddy, thank you for sharing Owen’s story with us. The way you have pulled together Owen’s tribe of warriors is so special. Working in the paediatric disability field, I have met tremendous families, just like yours, who are advocating for and supporting their little warriors, day in and day out. Being part of their story has given me some of my most rewarding days and so I’ve loved hearing about your journey with Owen and seeing him thrive with your endless dedication and love.

    You have many of our thoughts with you, even when they are not spoken.
    Melissa x

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